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August 10, 2008
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Warning: FIRE HOT!

“Oh jeez!” Cait began to pant, tugging at her collar and fanning herself with a paw. “Did it just get hot in here or is it just me?”

Mike did not answer right away, eyes drifting down to watch the ruby on Cait’s pendent glitter before dissolving into black smoke. Now Mike was exceptionally glad she did not let curiosity kill her. Looked like fate was about to reward her with a front row seat to a good show.

“It’s just you,” she said. Suddenly a new development caused her to blink and back away in alarm. “In fact; you’re on fire!”

“What are you talking aboooouuuuuu-HOLY HELL!”

If it was not for the fact Caits clothes choose mid-sentence to burst into flames, Mike would have found her little flaming dance rather funny. A majority of the mall crowd seemed to share this feeling, trampling over each other in a desperate attempt to flee the scene.

“Huh?” Cait suddenly stopped flailing, looking down to watch the remains of her clothes smolder to ash. Taking a moment to feel around confirmed no immediate signs of damage. Save for a little redness around the pendant still dangling at her neck. “Odd, that didn’t hurt at all.”

Mike cleared her throat, causing Cait to look up. A paw absently flicked at the base of her neck while she spoke. “I think that was just the warm up there, short stuff.”

“Wha!?” Snapping back down to the pendant, Cait gulped as the red marks on her fur began to darken and spread. It quickly picked up momentum, overtaking the brown eevee fur in a wave while thickening into a much richer coat.

As it spread up her neck the collar fur began to itch. Its normal white color highlighted into a vibrant light orange, complimenting the new crimson fur creeping over Cait’s head. Baring teeth in a painful smile, she could only whine helpless as a small eevee muzzle crackled and stretched outwards into a thicker snout. Changes quickly finished up the rest, covering up all the way to Caits ear tips and turning the insides from brown to black. There was a bit of a tickling sensation along her scalp. Seconds latter, a small ‘woosh’ filled the air as yellow hair sprouted from her forehead into a large tuff resembling a flame. The alien growth continued back past Caits ears down her head to create a puffy Mohawk.

The changes to Cait’s upper region finished up just as the wave of fur began to reach her lower areas. Most notably she felt a very hard cramp surge through her tail. She twisted around best she could, fearing the worst. Starting from her tail base, the fur shifted to the same bright orange of her collar. The change zoomed out towards her tail tip, the whole appendage expanding with a loud ‘whoosh’ of growing fur.

“Wow,” Cait mused as she stroked her new tail. It did not even register as the red fur finished covering her paws and feet. “I didn’t think it was possible for me to get fluffier!”

Striking her forehead in a classic face palm, Mike could only chuckle into the soft pads of her paw. “It’s nice to know your biggest priority through all this is the fluffiness of your tail.”

“Damn straight!” The flareon released her tail. Its huge girth wagged about high in the air with pride. “What’s the point of being a furry if you got no fluff!?”

A new sense of anger gnawed at the back of Mike’s mind. It only got worse each second spent watching Cait not only accept, but started admiring her new self. In minutes she had switched both species and gender, twice. Decades of psychological studies proved any normal person should be going bat shit insane at this point. Lord knows she was on the verge of doing so, and grateful there were still no mall residents returning to the food court to pay witness.

“Um, are you okay?” Cait’s ears folded back a little upon noticing Mike’s distress. Not that it stopped her paws from rubbing across the fluff on her belly and small chest.

“How am I okay?” Mike found herself shouting before her mind could catch up. “Some of us didn’t ask to be fluffy, furry and especially not female!”

“Oh lord, not this again. How much longer you going to keep blaming me for every little thing you find wrong?”

“Until you fix this!” Upturning her nose, Mike twisted her back to Cait.

The flareons rolled her eyes, still purring over the feel of her fur. “You worry too much.  Where’s the fun of life if you can’t enjoy the little changes that occur?”

“Up yours!” was all Mike could think of in rebuttal. At least it gave a satisfied delusion of having the last word. The whole day was starting to feel shot, even if she had not been enjoying it anyway. Taking a few moments to perform a small breathing exercise, she slouched forward and let the anger fade away. Now seemed like a good time to grab their bags and leave. Some one was sure to have called security, or even the fire department, after Cait’s spontaneous combustion.

Only after two steps towards their table did Cait let out a high pitched yowl of pain. A sound that had Mike jumping high in the air with all the fur on her tail frazzled. Whirling back around, concern quickly turned to confusion. There were no immediate signs of injury, but the flareon had her muzzle contorted to reflect something occurred. Knees were crossed with both hands clamped on her crotch, looking all the world like the Cait just got kneed in a part she no longer possessed.

“What? What?” Mike said, cautiously approaching Cait’s side. She scanned up and down that red naked body but could not see any cause for such actions. “Did you start your period or something?”

Letting out a sharp breath, Cait relaxed a bit. Knees slowly separated, but still wobbled to support her. Paws continued to examine the privet area between them, turning the initial expression of shock to one of mixed bewilderment. “Worse! I don’t think I even have the biology for that anymore.”

“Say what?” Not waiting for a response, Mike bent down to get a closer look at what Cait could be talking about.

After a moment’s reluctance, Cait removed her paws from Mike’s vision. It was a sight neither had been expecting to see. Usually anthros had little trouble when it came to decency laws. Most states actually ruled it official the more heavily furred ones could walk around naked without repercussions. However, while fur was good at hiding unwanted attention, there were still signs of something under the coating.

In Cait’s case, there was nothing. More specifically, the immediate area between her legs had completely smoothed out with no signs a sex organ had ever existed. What really peeked curiosity was the area now seemed different from the rest of Cait’s body. It shimmered and reflected off lights from the mall as if it were glass. Not even thinking about it, Mike reached out a paw and stroked the strange clump of fur, making Cait yelp. The fibers still felt smooth and soft, but deffinitly lacked the denser texture of fur.

“Dear lord,” Mike exclaimed upon realizing what the growth felt like. “Did your crotch just turn into cotton!?”

Cait reached down again, accidentally bumping paws with Mike. Mike suddenly felt her cheecks grow red and turned away before her blush became noticable. Fortunitly, Cait was more entranced at the soft feel of her new fur. And the fact the patch was slowly changing the normal fur surrounding it to match.

“Feels more like velvet.” She stroked it a few more times, murring softly. “Very soft and squishy too.”

Mike blinked. “You can’t seriously be enjoying this.”

Cait opened her mouth to say something and suddenly tensed up. “Not as much as I could be. All feeling in my tail is fading!”

Sidestepping around for a better view, Mike’s jaw dropped as she watched the changes in Cait’s backside unfold. The large orange fluff of a tail began to stiffen at its base, slowly moving up bone by bone. What little muscle remained wagged its last bit of strength until the entire tail curled up completely stiffened. Seconds later the next phase began at its tip and traveled downward. Each hair straightened out, gaining an unnatural shine as it shifted from organic fur to synthetic fibers. Cait’s let out a grunt when the process reached her rump. The tail fell limp between her legs, now a fake imitation without muscle support. Cait’s eyes narrowed and muscles in her buttocks flexed, but the appendage refused to move.

“Uh oh,” Mike gasped as the change showed no signs of stopping at Cait’s tail base. Almost immediately the red fur around it shifted to match the fake fur, spreading out horizontally to overtake her hips.

“What? What’s going on?” Cait looked down in time to see the velvet fur of her crotch pick up its pace of infection. Soon it had met up with the changes from her backside, forming into one solid area of plush that began to spread north and south at once. “Ah! Ah! Aaah!”

Mike watched with growing panic as Cait began to stumble and wave paws desperately for balance. The fight only lasted a few seconds. Cait’s entire pelvis succumbed to the numbness of cotton and plush began to replace muscles. She fell onto her back with a painful yelp, having to heft herself up just to see the changes accelerating down her legs. Knees melted, turning thighs and calves into single limbs. All bone and muscle melted, puffing out into thick lumps of cotton underneath soft velvet skin. The last change hit her pawfeet, fluffing them out into a solid lump. Only thick black stitches and black beads were left to symbolize toes and pads. In fact, stitches began to appear all along the sides of Cait’s legs and hip.

A strange crinkling sound tickled Cait’s ear. She strained to see what was happening, spotting a purchasing tag sprouted off the heel of her right foot. There was even a purchasing barcode on it.

The sight was becoming too much for Mike. She could not help but giggle while plucking one of Cait’s new plush paws with thumb and index finger and letting it drop back to the ground. “I’m no physician, but I’d say you’re turning into a plushy.”

“No! Really?” Cait grinned, despite heavy sarcasm in her voice. With her lower half complete, the changes seemed to be putting all effort in traveling faster up her torso. “And here I thought I was just getting a rash.”

“Well, that merchant did say those stones were a bit more special,” Mike mused as she stroked a paw up and down Cait’s artificial fur. “Wow! You are soft!”

This got a giggle from Cait’s still flesh head. “Careful now, I might mistake you for flirting with m...m...ooooohhhh!”

Cait rolled her head back, letting out a mix of a growl and moan. A paw quickly shot to her chest. Little by little her torso puffed out with cotton. Waist flared out, turning what little girlish figure she had into one simplified round shape. Even as she kneaded and stroked her chest, it began to swell with mass amounts of cotton. Breast melted in and fur changed until she found herself stroking a typical body found on any stuffed doll. Not that Cait could find reason to complain about the new levels of softness her body was acquiring.

It was so distracting that the neck collars fur changing to match the synthetics of her tail did not even register to Cait. That became impossible to ignore when shoulder and arms joined in the fun. With no support left, she yipped and fell helplessly onto her back. Both paws clenched involuntarily, melting into one mass and puffing out until there was a matching pair of simple stub arms.

“Meep!” Cait tried to swallow upon feeling the numbness of cotton creep up her neck. A useless motion now that most of it lacked necessery tissue. “I think it’s safe to say I’m getting fairly worried now...”

In contrast, Mike was finding herself giddy as a schoolboy at the finale approaching. The large eevee tail of hers lashed about like a wild snake. “Any last words?”

Cait tried to growl but suddenly found it increasingly harder to work her muzzle. Bones and joints were rapidly becoming stiff as they melded together as a preset to cotton conversion. Both ears and hair had already succumbed to the plush changes. A noticable hangtag pinged into exsistence on the left earlobe to detail information about Cait and flareons. Judging by her decreasing sense of smell and inability to blink, things were about to wind down.

“With my last breath...I...curse...Zoidburg!”

That was to be the flareons final statement. Her muzzle clamped shut of its own accord, stitches appearing along its width to signify lips while teeth and tongue fluffed into cotton. There were a few more muffled grunts from somewhere inside her, but those faded as nose and eyes finished their shifting into cheep plastic mock ups.

Mike continued to stare blankly, having been caught off guard by Cait’s choice of last words. After almost a full minute of nothing, she finally worked up enough courage to try touching the giant plush pokemon. Whether by coincidence or contact with her paw it began to shrink rapidly in size before her eyes until resembling a normal looking stuffed animal. She waited again before poking it with an index finger, half expecting some other twist to occur. When nothing else happened, Mike burst into laughter, hefting up the new plush toy like a trophy.

“Well this is certainly one of life’s changes we can both enjoy, right?” The toy did not give an answer. It would scare Mike to death if it was that capable. Still, she felt this unyielding need to taunt it in hopes Cait could hear them. “Look on the bright side; if I can’t find a random kid to pass you off on, I might get lonely enough to cuddle with you in my sleep.”

Gathering up her belonging, Mike tucked the flareon plush under her armpit. Humming a happy tune, she strutted out the empty food court with tail held high. Somewhere deep inside the recently made toy, Cait’s consciousness debated on how to take this turn of events.
The second of the alternate Static Fuzz 2 endings I had finished before losing interest in the remaining ideas. This one involves MY favorite evolution; flareon. At least for a few minutes, then Cait gets turned into a poke plushy. XD

What can I say? I wanted to make these alternate endings unique. Not just "oh, Cait evolved into this" eight different times. Seriously, who can stand that much monotony? On a side note though, was insanely hard to find other good plushy TFs in the hopes of getting reference ideas.

I mean wtf? Thought that was a popular sub-genre of transformation fanatics. >o.O;<

Anyway, enjoy!
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PaiRho Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013
That was kinda awesome change, even with mike being a downer. Shame there's no follow up. Or more fun for cait.
SilverFoxCustom Featured By Owner May 6, 2011
Hell turn me into a plush toy if it means being a hot eevee girls cuddle toy!
snowpirate97 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011
when's the next part coming out!!!?
xganonx Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
i would like that i i was cait if mike snuggled uo to me or if i becamed kina like mike but fluffier who says i cant get fluffier
Ferzin-the-hedgehog Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2010
I feel sorry and scared for cait bein turned into a plush, i want to see him as a normal flareo anthro i demand it TF TG gods :iconanimefaceplz:
SuperGokuV Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2010
A good story, though you made me feel bad that Cait turned into a plush since he can't talk nor move.
noresponce Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2010
you can blame zoidburg all you want, i for one blame steve
servesnopurpose Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2009
You should make an ending where Mike steals the 'Aura' or power or whatever and transforms into a mix of all the different evees. That would be cool.
765tyghj Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2009
As much as I got a kick out of the ending I have half a mind of saying NOT COOL!! But Its only half a mind. One more thing. :jawdrop:
Desmondfallout Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I wouldn't worry too much. On some level Cait probably enjoys being a busty woman's plush toy. X3

Thank you for reading!
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