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October 11, 2008
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Warning: Pulling a Cait Sidhes tail may result in unexpected and dangerous reactions. Including, but not limited to, spontaneous transformations and death.

Learning Curves


Cait Sith 29

Dear Mr. Anselm:

The Committee on Admissions has completed its review of your application for the class that will enter the Arizona State University this August. Although your application was considered favorably by the Committee, we regret to inform you…

That was as far as Luke got before reducing the letter to a pile of scraps inside a dustbin. There was little point in reading past a word like ‘regret.’ Fourteen letters and they always meant the same thing, another rejection.

“Damn it!”

He stormed out of his room wearing only a pair of blue boxers. The weather hardly demanded anything else for his boney tanned skin. Not that a lack of AC was something Luke could help. His parent’s decided years ago to cut corners by running the thermostat low all year round to save money. It was just something they got used to in this polluted dessert excuse of a state. Luke was not about to pay for comforts when a part-time Burger King job barely kept him a car. Two years ago everyone at graduation said aspiring students had nowhere else to go but up. More like he was going nowhere fast.

Sweat had already developed in a fine layer on his body, prompting a quick visit to the kitchen for an ice water bath. Luke stuck his head under the sink a few times to make sure his short black hair got a thorough soaking. Once immediate business had been taken care of, he set to work toweling off to avoid leaving a mess. Satisfied at being cooled down, at least for the moment, he moved on to the living room. At least no one else would start arriving for several hours. More than enough time to blow off steam as only a pent up young man can. Firing up his family Xbox, he plopped onto the couch with a disgruntled groan. It was a tradition that had started to develop around his sixth rejection in equivalence to a declining motivation. Much like how the hostility from his parents grew the longer he relied staying under their roof.

However, tranquility was not to be his this day. No sooner had the sorry excuse for a next-gen consol loaded up than a clicking of locks shattered his ears. A Moment later the front door flew open amidst a melody of bells. Luke cringed at the noise, knowing well the fowl monster preceding it. The door slammed closed again and couch pillows shifted to accommodate a new weight. A sense of eyes burning into his head only furthered Luke’s irritation, making it impossible to ignore the new arrival. He gave a reluctant glare of acknowledgment before trying to focus back on his games.

“Got rejected again, I see.” The girl in her early teens teased the bell collar around each wrist. Her brother looked ready to explode, a sight that made her grin. “Dad is really going to own you this time.”

“If I can’t get in, I can get in, Cora!” Luke snapped back. Suddenly every enemy he saw on screen donned his sister’s likeness. And he was all too happy to mash buttons that made his character smack them with a giant axe. “Not my fault their standards are too high.”

“You could get a grant or, you know, a real job.”

“Easy to talk for someone who isn’t even legal working age,” Luke said through grit teeth. The thickness of whatever his game controller was a blessing, as he might have easily broken it otherwise. “I’d rather not go into debt for the rest of my life before I’m even allowed to by booze.”

“Two more years I’ll be running money circles around you,” Cora retorted with a raspberry. “Besides, you hate the taste of alcohol.”

“You’re missing the point and you’re not helping my situation any. So would you mind at least going away?” Luke wanted to add more, but the distraction of their conversation was all it took for his character to become overwhelmed by an enemy horde. A soft groan escaped his lips while watching his character die. Once the ‘game over’ screen came on he whirled to face Cora for the first time. Something that seemed awkward about the situation finally clicked into place. “Why are you home so early anyway?”

“And here I ditched class just for you, bro.” Cora giggled and playfully flicked Luke’s nose. She quickly spoke up again before he could retaliate. “Got a tip from some friends about a new college opening up you might be interested in.”

“Yeah ri-” Luke trailed off as Cora offered a piece of folded pink paper from her pants pocket. He raised an eyebrow, but reluctantly took it after some silent encouragement. Smoothing it to be legible proved a challenge, being more crumpled than folded but eventually got the job done. Eye’s quickly scanned over the flier but only made it through the headline before Luke burst into laughter. “A bit elaborate for a prank, don’t you think?”

“Oh believe me, it’s real!” Cora tried to pout, but that mischievous grin lingered. “Nicole’s older sister is enrolling for a summer semester and invited me along for the tour. I tell you its perfect.”

“Paw Pad University School for catgirls?” Luke read the top line of the paper out loud. There was no effort to hold another several seconds of chuckling. Especially with the cartoon girls with exaggerated cat ears and paws waving back at him further down. “Sounds like a place right out of one of your stupid anime.”

“Catgirls are not stupid, they’re cute! Did you even bother reading the rest?”

“Didn't want to dignify your efforts that much,” he shot back, but continued reading out of curiosity. As he did, his expression of amusement slowly faded away to rising surprise. “An equal opportunity recruitment with full scholarships to qualified applicants? Promising job placement in only two years!? Okay, now you’re really making this look too fishy.”

“I told you its legit! They even provide free dorm, so Dad won’t threaten to kick you out again.” Cora giggled at her brother’s rapid mood shift. It really was too easy working him, but fun regardless. “I wrote directions on the back. Go see for yourself.”

Luke flipped the paper over, giving the badly squiggled handwriting a quick skim over. The end location nagged at him, but not for reasons he could put his finger on. That was quickly dismissed over other train wreck thoughts trying to have sense wrapped around them. Even if Cora was telling the truth, which was a miracle in itself, the whole set up sounded too convenient. There had to be a catch somewhere in it. But looking back at her smiling face, there seemed to be only one easy way to find out for sure.

“I swear if this was all a set up…”

“I’ll pay for your gas for the next month,” Cora finished much to his surprise. “What have you got to lose?”

“Why not?” Luke sighed in defeat after almost a full minute of debating. Rising up from his couch grove, he shuffled back down the hall to his room. A short while later he emerged again dressed in a semi-formal t-shirt and jean shorts. Already the clothes were starting to bake his skin and he was not even out in the dry desert air yet. “At least mom can scold me for two rejections in one day when I get back.”

“Knock them dead, bro!” Cora cheered, having already taken the liberty of taking over Luke’s vacant gamer spot for him. “Trust me; you’ll have a high chance of getting in with them.”

“Yeah.” Luke paused halfway out the door. Something, if not everything, still felt odd about this. But he was hardly in a position to be picky, no matter what the condition. Help does tend to come from unexpected sources after all. “Thanks for your help.”

“Don’t mention it!” Cora beamed as she watched her brother leave. That grin appeared almost etched into her face at this point, even long after his departure. “I just hope you’re still saying that later tonight.”

Despite being hard to read, Luke found the directions themselves fairly simple. Upon arriving at his destination, it finally became apparent why it felt familiar. The building in question turned out to be the high school he had attended as a freshman not too long ago. It had initially been scheduled for a remodel, but was dropped in favor of constructing a new school entirely downtown. Yet someone must have felt the old campus was worth keeping if it was supposed to be the center of an aspiring college.

Climbing out of his car, everything looked as crappy as he remembered it. The main building loomed over him, three stories high with over fifty classrooms. Crumbling brown bricks that might have been smooth and red at some point covered its surface. From his angle in the parking lot Luke could just make out a tip of the gym off to the right and behind it. About an acre worth of earth separated them to accommodate the tennis and basketball mixed court surrounded by a track ring. If there was anything remotely new, it was the odd buildings taking up the other acres that used to be a football field. Covering it now were a series of what looked like townhouses lined up in connection to the streets. Most likely the complimentary dorms Cora had mentioned.

Still half expecting this to be some kind of joke, Luke forced himself on a short trek towards the main office. Luckily they had kept the layout as he remembered it from years ago. Although upon finding his way, there still lingered a doubt on if he was even in the right building anymore. While the outside campus lacked a serious face lift, the inside lacked much of anything. His nose instantly burned with the smells of wet paint and varnish soon as the front door was opened. Aside from pure white walls, an occasional bench and water fountain, the interior appeared absolutely empty. Only the faint sounds of typing further in gave any hint of life. On the bright side, following the noise made it easy not to get lost in the cavernous maze. As he got closer to the room though, the typing slowed to a halt. No doubt from hearing Luke’s footstep echoes.

“Good afternoon, sir!” called a cheery feminine voice of the receptionist, even before Luke could finish passing through the doorway. “Here for an application?”

He started to answer, but somehow lost his voice when glancing at the speaker. Apparently she wanted to take their promise of being a school for catgirls to a whole new meaning. Unlike the humans with just ears and tails though, whatever sat behind the rooms desk was an odd mix of human and animal. Every visible part of her was coated in a bright orange fur, spotted along in a black stripped pattern. Her face, most definitely feline, had curiously perked triangle ears and a short muzzle for a mouth. Yet sapphire blue eyes of human intelligence smiled along with her glinting fangs.

Despite the fur, the rest of her body looked like any other average woman’s. Clad in a business style grey blouse and mini-skirt, her very human curves filled them out nicely. Just staring at those small bumps giving her top noticeable lift stirred involuntary feelings of excitement. That was until spotting the raccoon-like orange and black stripped tail poking out of specially made holes in both her dress and chair near the swell of her rump. Suddenly the crashing reality of being attracted to such a creature disturbed Luke beyond measure. His gaze darted downward until she was removed from view, only then noticing the ‘Cait’ name plate on her desk.

“Are you okay, sir?” the anthro tabby asked with a hint of concern. If she had picked up on his thoughts, there was no sign of it.

“Yes!” Luke said in a higher pitched than expected. Skin started to feel flush, and not just from the hot weather. “S-sorry.”

Cait giggled and waved the tension off with a free hand. Again Luke found himself staring at the soft pink pads on her exposed palm and fingers. They almost made her hands look like jointed paws.

“I get that all the time. Are you a new applicant?” she asked again in a patient, sweet tone.

“What?” Luke asked, again kicking himself at having his thoughts derailed. “Oh that! Yeah, I was hoping it wasn’t too late?”

“Hmm?” The tabby glanced back at her computer screen. Most likely to check the time, given the room lacked any other kind of clock. In fact there was only a white coffee table and two cushion chairs adjunct to Cait’s desk to serve as décor. A wooden door was closed a few feet behind her. A gold plate near its top glinted, sporting the word ‘DEAN’ in thick black lettering. “Well, you are late. We were about to close doors on interviews today, but you finally arrived in time to squeeze in as a last call.”

“Thanks…I guess.” The confusing way Cait worded that made Luke wonder if it was a compliment of some kind. He decided wisely not to bother asking as he watched her hit a button behind her desk. A short buzzing sound became barely audible through the closed door, and stopped just as abruptly when she moved her paw back into view.

“She’ll be out in due time. You know how cats can get.” Cait said with a smile, and then promptly returned to typing. Fingertips flew across the keyboard so fast they became a blur in Luke’s wide eyes. “Make yourself comfortable.”

“R-right.” Luke shook his head, sinking into one of the open chairs. Having no way to tell time, it soon lost all meaning. Thoughts finally began to settle and form linear paths to Cait’s hypnotic key clicking. It was only when finally reaching this state of calmness did he realize his body was sweating waterfalls. The shirt he had on became drenched enough to see his armpits through the material. Words could not even begin to describe the amount of chafing starting to register in his shorts. “Hey, where can I get a dri-”

As if to mock him, the office door burst open in a crash that could have been heard from outside. Cait did not even falter in her typing at this. On the other hand, Luke responded with a startled cry and lept to his feet. Although he was ready to wet himself it probably would have been missed through his drenched clothes. If the female tabby had been a surprise, then the woman emerging from that inner sanctum left him in knee clattering awe.

“Luke Anselm, meet Felicia Pawpad. She’s our dean of admissions.”

Cait said all this without so much as glancing up from her screen, but the words failed to register to Luke. Otherwise it would have struck him as odd she knew his full name. At that moment his mind was floored trying to take sight of the woman towering several inches over him. It felt like staring at someone straight out of Cora’s perverted anime. In a sapphire and gold embroiled china dress, no less.

“Mr. Anselm? It’s so good to finally meet you!”

Felicia beamed down at him through brown cat eyes on an otherwise gorgeous human face. At least it might be considered that way forgiving the fact her skin was white as paint, save for a large spot of brown across her right eye. Her equally brown hair had been pulled up into a tight bun near the top of her head, resting between two matching furred cat ears with white tuffs nesting inside. The sight was so unexpected; Luke almost missed her offered handshake.

“I was starting to worry you weren’t coming,” she continued as Luke accepted her greeting. There were a few more brown spots on the back of each of her hands, but he forced himself to at least try and maintain eye contact. Mostly in part so he could avoid gawking at the basketball sized breasts she somehow contained inside that silk garment. Amusingly enough, the catgirl seemed to notice something completely unrelated when they released hands. “Goodness, you’re sweating bullets! Can I get you something to drink before we get your settled?”

“Settled!?” Luke echoed feeling more stuck in a maze by the second. “Don’t I need to fill out an application at least?”

“Nya?” Felicia stared back at him, looking just as confused. She turned to Cait expectedly. “I was under the impression you already filled one out weeks ago.”

Cait nodded. “His sister turned in an application in his name when she was here. You already approved his admission and dorm arrangements.”

“Oh right, that annoying girl that kept trying to pull on your tail.” Felicia giggled, turning back to Luke to avoid an angry glare. “Anyway, it’s nothing to fret about. We just need you to sign a little waver saying you’re okay with this, get you something to cool down, and you’ll be ready to move in by tonight if you wish.”

Luke was blinking throughout the entire conversation. A bit too rapidly as the catgirls began to wonder if he had broken down. “Excuse me; you accepted an application my kid sister wrote without so much as calling me? What kind of college are you animals running here!?”

“The finest of it’s kind!” Felicia said cheerfully and without missing a beat.

“Not to mention the only one of its kind,” Cait added as she handed Luke a clipboard. “Sign on the highlights, please.”

“What the heck is this?” Luke said, skimming through all five pages. It was hard to make out full paragraphs with heat stress obstructing the right side of his brain. But a few phrases did ring hard enough to stick. Particularly ones like ‘catnip mishaps’ and ‘milk rations.’

“Oh just this and that,” Felicia waved a hand dismissively as she turned back into her office. Luke was awestruck for a moment at the way her lower half strained her dress almost as much as the top. It did register somewhere she had no tail just before disappearing behind the door. She returned seconds later carrying a small aluminum can in hand. Spotting frost still stuck to it catching the light almost made Luke want to dive for it. “We’re trying a few things new here. You’ll have to take a few mandatory classes and activities as a part of this experiment, of course. Nothing dangerous mind you, just a bit of learning curves we adjust and train you to. Aside from that you’re free to study virtually anything you want here. In return for your participation, we are obligated to provide you with a scholastic environment on par with most state universities for two years. You’ll have to pay some monthly bills for personal utilities, but since each townhouse has it split five ways, it won’t be much. Incidently, if you need help with employment we also offer many programs to our students to earn cash in between classes.”

“And just by coming here I’m already accepted for this program?” Luke felt his heart skip a beat. It was like an angel whispering blessings in his ear. Not that it helped Felicia kept passing the can of drink between her hands. His eyes followed it like a trained dog waiting for his treat.

“One step forward, two back with this one.” Cait giggled, promptly yelping when Felicia smacked her upside the head.

Luke just shook his head, regaining enough sense to sign on each papers marked lines. It no longer mattered, with dehydration forcing almost all attention at the prospect of some relief. If he had to stand here baking any longer he might as well start shriveling into a raisin. Besides, how can he not win with an opportunity this good?

“Wonderful!” Felicia said, as he handed her the clipboard while handing him the can.

Luke almost took her hand along with the drink. Not even bothering to look at the label, he popped the top and downed half its contents in hasty gulps. Instantly cool, soothing relief was found in a rich strawberry flavoring. If he did not know better, he might have thought it was melted ice cream. When lungs could no longer hold the breathe he had, Luke finally paused to inhale while lifting up to inspect the can.

Considering everything else up to this point, the design felt almost like a playful irony. Depicted across the aluminum surface was yet another catgirl. This one looked much younger than Felicia, in her final teen years at most, and with a much healthier tanned skin. But what really served as an attention grabber was the fact she sat on both knees stark naked. Long hair of a bright bubblegum cascaded down both her bare back and front, covering it in a way so imagination had to take over. In on hand she held a small bowl full of strawberries smothered in a white cream. Her other hand was in the process of inserting one of said berries into her grinning mouth. Like a typical catgirl, a pair of large triangle ears covered in a slightly dark pink fur sat erect near the top of her head. And from somewhere under the blanket of hair, a thin furred cat tail emerged to twitch happily in the air while she ate.

After getting over a sight Luke would have expected to see in an adult magazine, he noticed the bright orange words across the top reading ‘Static Fuzz.’ Matching it at the bottom in slightly smaller text was ‘Cat Cream & Strawberry Soda.’ There were so many things wrong with this picture, it made him laugh. Odds were this was a product not easily found at a Seven-Eleven.

“You looked more like a cherry person,” Felicia said as if reading his thoughts. “Unfortunately Cait drank the last can this morning.”

“You’re just jealous it made me pretty!” the tabby retorted with a raspberry.

“Whatever,” Luke said with a chuckle before knocking back the rest of the soda. He not only felt world’s cooler but much more relaxed to boot. In fact it was impossible to recall why this day had felt so weird to begin with. By the time the last few sweet drops touched his tongue nothing seemed to matter anymore.

“Well, everything seems to be in order.” Felicia took the now empty can from him, casually leaving it on the desk as she addressed Cait. “Call Anita, would you? I believe her house still has a bed left.”

“She should be in by now,” Cait said, already dialing out on her phone before Felicia had finished.

“She? You’re dorms are unisex?” Luke felt the larger catgirl wrap an arm around his shoulders. Together they exited back out into the hallway at a leisurely pace towards the front doors. His mind however felt like it lingered behind struggling to keep up. Even this long after finishing his soda, its cooling effects radiated strong through his entire being. The mild tingle it was causing on his skin felt rather pleasant to boot. Enough that he never noticed his clothes and shoes felt looser when he walked.

“Tell me, have you ever been to this campus before?” Felicia spoke up as they walked. Acting like she had not heard Luke’s inquiry. Her hand drifted from his shoulder to his back, stroking the spine in a petting motion. The contact alone sent waves of euphoria to Luke’s brain.

“I…went here my freshman year of high school,” he managed to speak between sensual moans.

“Ah yes, before it relocated.” Felicia’s ears flicked rapidly as her smile grew broader. Already all of Luke’s visible skin had lost its fine coat of black hair, developing into a delicate smoothness. Stroking a little lower, she casually lifted his shirt with her motions. Underneath she was delighted to see his waist drastically thinning, threatening to make his shorts fall off. But that problem was already fixing itself. Little by little his hips gained a bit more sashay to them with each step, filling out the backside in a way no man ever intended to. “I guess there’s really no need for a tour then. We’ve pretty much stuck to the general intent each floor the high school had planned. First floor is obviously for offices, in addition to the library and cafeteria. Above that we have all basic classrooms. And the final floor is for labs and extra curricular activities.”

“Mmhmm!” was all Luke could give, nodding that he understood Felicia’s words at least. The tingling still refused to abate, and his new headmistress’ teasing was not helping. Black hair now covering his neck only tickled him further. By the time its growth passed his shoulders it began to shimmer with red highlights. When it finally stopped at a length that brushed against his broadening buttocks, Luke now possessed a flaming pink mane.

“The gym had a bit of a remodeling done to it,” Felicia continued. If she had possessed a tail, it would have been twitching like a wild snake. As they approached the schools main doors, her undivided attention was now on Luke’s face. All signs of a five o’clock shadow simply fell out, leaving a face smooth much like the rest of his altering physique. Moments later his head itself began to lose its hard definitions for a more soft round shape. Nose twitched cutely as it shrunk and turned upwards into a little button while lips gained small amounts of plumpness. It was difficult, but she somehow managed to keep her voice steady while holding the door for her new student. “I was originally going to have the weight lifting section with a pool, but that was met with mixed results for some reason. It’ll probably be turned into a bit of a dance arcade. Naturally there’s dozens of sports and exercise programs. At least this way my students won’t have to leave campus to have fun.”

Luke nodded as he stepped back out into open air. At last the cold tingles evaporated soon as sunlight touched his body. But instead of the blistering fire he had been feeling less than an hour ago, the weather offered a more a relaxing warmth. If he was not already in the middle of something, he might have curled up and gone to sleep right there. “That doesn’t sound too bad. So when do I finalize my student registration?”

Felicia found it impossible to hold back her giggles. Not with her favorite part approaching. If someone were to drive past the school, they would have convinced themselves to seeing an overly busty catgirl talking to a flat chest tomboy with bad fashion sense. But that would change momentarily. “Give it a minute or two, sweetie.”

“What do you…mean…by…that?” Luke trailed off as he spoke, growing increasingly alarmed at the way his voiced pitched into a higher octave with each word. Both hands shot to his throat, gasping at how much slender it felt and the absence of he Adams apple. Something else seemed to click, surprise turning to panic as hands traveled up to feel unfamiliar contours making up his face and hair. Now in a completely female voice he screamed, “What the hell’s happening to me!?”

All he got from the catgirl was more excited giggles. There was little time to press the question, because a new wave of pressure spread out across his chest. It was soon followed by a bad itchiness that seemed to focus on his nipple. Both puffed out slightly, becoming more sensitive then he ever thought possible while growing big enough to create little tents in his shirt. As if things could not get worse, preassure behind them intensified several fold. Luke felt an odd popping sensation and suddenly both tents were being pushed out by little mounds. He watched and felt the shifting under his shirt, unable to hold back labored pants. With each breath additional mass piled forth, gaining an unmistakable need for a bra in seconds. Soon they had an attractively defined roundness even as their weight almost caused him to fall over. By the time they finally stopped, Luke’s shirt had been stretched taunt much like the top of Felicia’s china dress. Thankfully his mounds were nowhere near as colossal. In a daze, all he could do was reach up and cup the strange growths. Giving them a squeeze his feminine face turned beat red at confirming they were indeed a part of him.

“I’ve…I got…those are…Aaaaahhh!!” Thoughts were interrupted again as another, much more intense, pain surged through his pelvis. Legs crossed and dainty hands shot to the crotch of her shorts. As if it would help. Organs were doing a rock dance judging from all the hard shifting going on deep inside him. Without warning he felt the muscles of his member give a hard withdrawing lurch, and then…nothing. Luke blinked, panting as he slowly relaxed out of his undignified pose. Fearing the worst, he undid the button of his shorts and moved a shaking hand down to check on his most important male defining characteristic.

Imagine her surprise when hands brushed the almost smooth surface of the opposite.

“YOU TURNED ME INTO A GIRL!?” Luke yanked her hand back out with a face redder than her hair. It felt pointless to button her pants back up, since her child bearing hips did the job of keeping them in place.

“Don’t be silly,” Felicia chided, giving Luke a gentle pat on the head. “It’s not over yet.”

Something akin to a death threat was about to leave Luke’s rosy red lips. A sudden pain in her lower back made it moot. She quickly reached around, accidentally pulling her hair before finally locating a small nub extending out of her spine into her pants. It took a bit of work, but leaning forward slightly, she was finally able to work the seat of her shorts down enough to free the strange growth. Looking back over her shoulder, Luke almost screamed again to find a light red furred cattail swishing across the cheeks of her rump.

“Oh!” She gasped, bolting upright. A soft popping sound rang through her ears and hands shot up to find what damage had been done there. However, there were no longer ears at the side of her head, just a fine layer of the pink colored hair. Not that she had to search much further upwards to find them. Near the top, poking out of the pink bush of hair now rested a pair of sharp pointed cat ears with fur matching her tail. Luke felt her heart sink. The ears swiveled low and back to reflect this, which only worsened her mood. Praying to any god she could think of that was the final change; she looked to Felicia with watery eyes. “Why?”

“Well, you didn’t think the name was for novelty did you?” Felicia sighed, moving forward to embrace her newest catgirl in a warm hug.

It did little to affect Luke’s impending break down. Until roaming hands began to scratch the base of her tail and ears simultaneously. A sharp gasp escaped her lips, whole body going stiff from ear to tail tip. Moments passed as the waves of pleasure continued to assault every nerve possible and Luke found herself melting into the bigger woman’s embrace. Felicia just giggled as her ministrations caused an unmistakable purring to vibrate across the soft flesh of her bosom.

“Welcome to Pawpad’s school for catgirls,” she cooed into Luke’s ear.
Inspired by [link]

He had a very valid point, so I took it upon myself to create a school for training and educating catgirls. Probably didn't have transformation and transgender in mind, but those are services I provide for free! :D

Not much more to comment on really. Was fun and got me out of my writers block. I dunno though, my room mate feels the ending if fine, but I think its shortcoming. But on the bright side it'll probably be continued at some point in the future. For randomly generated characters they turned out pretty interesting.
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