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WARNING: These furs are too fat for Kenect.

A Night Call from Justice


Desmond Fallout

"Son of a biscuit!"

Vanessa's tongue in check cursing went mostly inaudible over a ringing of door chimes. The brown haired woman scrambled out of her bubble bath in frustration at having  occupied it only moments prior. It would prove a little too hasty as her feet touched ground missing the safety mat. What little friction bathroom tile had on soaped skin was promptly lost, sending her yelping backside first into the tub with a loud splash. Not a critically wounding accident, save for Vanessa's pride, she was just going to have an awkward time sitting for the next couple of days.

Another round of chimes rang throughout the house, startling Vanessa from her daze. This time she climbed out with a bit more care, tying on a bathrobe before making her way downstairs. Tonight was supposed to have been perfect. A hyperactive little sister was off having a sleep over with friends. The best friend and medical assistant intended to stay out late with her latest catch of a man. That left a large household empty for Vanessa.  Nothing for her to do but soak in scented oils catching up on a book.

And then the doorbell decided to ring again. Would Murphy have forced any less of a punishment law on the poor young nurse? Now she got to track scented water through her house in a slow march to the front door. Who ever waited on the other side had a good chance of entering a world of hurt at this point.

"What do you...?" Was all she got out upon ripping the door open. Her question and momentary rage trailed off into confused silence at seeing what was apparently a black and red stripped curtain draped across the frames exterior. Its surface stretched taunt,  glinting in a way that proved fairly distracting. Before she could recover, everything bellowed like a sail across the threshold to smoother her face. Whatever mass was under such smooth fabric proved just as wide and surprisingly plush. It was like pressing into a decorated marshmallow; her hands sunk deep without resistance making it impossible to push away.

"Oh, where is it? I can't find my gavel anywhere!"

The voice that drifted from beyond this pillowy protrusion rang several alarm bells in Vanessa's head. Everything began to fall into place as she eventually managed to step back to further inspect what had plopped onto her porch. It was not perfectly round as first implied. Three holes had been tailored across its surface; one near its top crest and on both sides of its width. From the top hole sprouted a long cone protrusion coated in brown fur, its circumference thick with powerful muscle. Or maybe it was just fat, considering the owner it was attached too. Thighs protruded from the side holes as big as tree trunks, supported by paws just as massive. One was easily capable of smothering Vanessa's face if it felt so inclined.

Vanessa felt her anger dissipated, but only into a mild irritation. "You're a lot more bottom heavy than I remember, Ms. Justice."

There was a pause before the unmistakably giant butt rolled forward. A torso belonging to an anthropomorphic kangaroo rose over its crest like a rising sun. Justice the kangaroo was not a stranger to Vanessa or the city in general. Secretly Vanessa wished otherwise on her part. The cartoon roo made infamy for being the first toon legally declared a judge, and apparently did her job with gusto. The fact she towered over most humans or normal anthros, easily outweighing them three-to-one, made her a fearsome presence in court. And then there were the rumours of her sentences sometimes testing the definition of 'unusual punishment.'

Sadly, Vanessa knew first hand those were not just rumours. Granted her incident had been an accident, but it left her with a recurring patient that produced an air of unease with every visit. Oh well, doctor's code and all that kept her from simply turning Justice away. She just had to practice ninja like safety tactics for safety.

Justice returned Vanessa's emotionless stare with an ecstatic smile and turned to face her proper. As she did, Vanessa felt her jaw drop. In typical toon fashion her hips, belly, and butt were merged into a single round mass that curved up to her waist. That was hardly unusual, but everything above the equator was revealed to be just as chubby. The roo woman sported a pair of breasts the size of basketballs that strained the front of her judge's robe. Arms, thick as dinner hams, had long since shredded sleeves around their girth. Even her usually long snout had been partially swallowed by the makings of a double chin. Justice had never been famous for a womanly figure, but at least her clothes had been form fitting. The robe did not come close to reaching her overstretched panties on display to the world. A bit of roo pouch was even visible at the peek of her belly bulge.

"Wha...!?" Vanessa heard the squeak of her voice and coughed, regaining her composure. "What the heck happened to you?"

"I know, it's awful, isn't it?" Justice said with hands grasping her full cheeks. Her tone tried to sound concerned, but the wide Cheshire cat smile and rapid tail wagging betrayed amusement at Vanessa's reaction.  "It's been one case of stupid people after another lately. It's been driving me bonkers and before I knew it; I had eaten every scrap of food I had and half a McBurgers kitchen stock." Justice pulled down the neck of her robe while leaning towards Vanessa. "Just look at how much fat went straight to my breasts."

"No, I'd rather no-MRRFFF!!" Vanessa tried to decline the offer, but was cut off when Justice gave a good a view of her massive orbs. A little too good, since she could easily make out the matching black and red bra around cleavage smothering her nose. She quickly pushed against Justices soft flesh, much to the roos pleasure, managing to stagger back several feet gasping for breath. Honestly Vanessa was surprised her hair had not dried up with how heated her face felt. "T-that's horrible...y-yes. What are you doing here?"

"This eating habit of mine is getting in the way of my work silly. I mean look at how hard it is to walk with a gut that touches the ground!" Justice yanked up her robe to thrust her belly forward. Luckily Vanessa had gathered enough wits to avoid another smothering. Not that a visual aid was necessary; Justice's bottom half was rivalled a couch both in size and consistency. It was amazing those panties stretched so snugly around her hips. When Vanessa gave no real reaction, Justice dejectedly let the robe fall back into place. "You're the only doctor friend I have. Can't you give me something before I become too big to enter a court room?"

Vanessa raised an eyebrow, but dared not speak her mind. Maybe it was her Hippocratic Oath that kept the door from being slammed into that furry belly. Or maybe it was just the way Justice could stare down at her with eyes glistening like a newborn puppy. With an exasperated sigh, she eventually stepped back and gestured Justice her permission to enter.

"Let's see what I got in my lab. There's bound to be something for you."

"Yay!" Justice cheered before bending down to squeeze inside. Not surprisingly she got stuck, but a bit of pushing on the doors frame got her rump free with a loud 'pop' noise. Vanessa had wisely put a few yards distance between herself and the door to avoid another smother. After waiting for Justice to regain some balance, she turned and silently started walking back down the hallway.

Justice politely closed the door behind her before following. Her walk was a more slow crawl though. The wide stance of her hips made it difficult to move in human sized conditions without threatening to knock over furniture with just a tail wag. A task made more difficult with how her eyes kept wandering down to the tiny human leading the way. Specifically to her tiny backside that swished with each stride. Justice's mind kept picturing how much nicer it would have looked big, wide, and covered in fur like hers. It made little hearts float from her head just thinking about it. "That's a nice bathrobe you have, by the way."

"Yeah, I was just waiting all ready for you to come over and play."

Justice's ears and tail perked up. "Really!?"

"No, Miss Justice," Vanessa said while somehow keeping her voice steady. She came to an abrupt stop by a door which she flicked open. Inside Justice say a lot of white cabinets, sinks, and various tables. Some were flat and being used to hold various bottles and surgical tools. Others were bent into positions meant for patients to lie down on. "Wait in here. I'm going to go change out of my birthday suit."

"But that's the best kind of suit!" Justice teased as she watched Vanessa franticly retreat  further into the house. Once she was out of sight, the roo uttered a curse under her breath. All she could do for the moment was squeeze into Vanessa's lab and wait now. Good thing fat was so pliable, or no amount of pushing would have gotten her past such a small door frame.

Twenty seconds later Justice grew insanely bored and started looking through the various bottles left out across the lab. Most of it was typical pharmacy stuff; aspirin and vitamins. A few of the labels brought a bit of nostalgia from the first time she had visited here. Vanessa had prescribed her some sort of nerve tonic for the weight gain stress. Naturally she had overlooked all dosage warnings like a ditz, getting fatter faster as a result. What was truly memorable was their accident right after. One trip and kiss on the lips later had Vanessa gaining fat roo problems of her own; literally right down to the yellow fur coat.

Man, that girl looked so hot standing big as Justice with a belly just as soft! Of course, she doubted the nurse would lack foresight to give her more tonics. Justice would down it where she stood and smooch Vanessa all night long in that scenario. Waddling over here with her butt flashing pedestrians would be totally worth the trip if that could happen again.

"Hello?" Justice perked up as her hand came across a bottle marked by a red exclamation point. She plucked it from the pile to closer examine its label. As she did so, her eyes grew slowly wide as dinner plates, flashing a smile shinned in the light.


Type: Liquid mutagen

Common symptoms include:
*Spontaneous anthrofication
*Rapid weight gain
*Drastic increase in appetite

Warning: Extremely contagious. Avoid any skin contact with virus or patients suffering symptoms. If infected, administer an antidote as soon as possible. Excessive eating may result in drastic decrease in mobility...

The warnings continued but Justice was getting too excited to read most of them. Could Vanessa and her nurse friend have actually discovered a way to easily create fat furs? This was something that had to be seen to be believed. And the sooner the better, she thought with a wicked giggle.

"What's so funny?"

Justice yelped at Vanessa's sudden return. Quickly stuffing the bottle into her pouch, she whirled around mentally pinning for an excuse. An array of clunks and crashes followed when her thick tail swept across the table, rendering it clean of the various samples set there.

"Oh nothing," Justice blushed as her hand pretended to be rubbing the inside of her pouch. "J-just had an itch in a ticklish spot."

Relief was had when Vanessa did not question such an excuse. The poor human gave higher priority fetching some proper cleaning tools from the storage closest. This gave Justice plenty of time to admire her figure; having changed into a pair of shorts, t-shirt and sneakers. There had been hopes to see that cute nurse's dress, but then again Vanessa was not exactly 'on duty' tonight. Still, those pants stretched nicely across her rump as she knelt down to sweep up the broken vials.

"I'm really sorry about that," Justice said truthfully upon seeing her friend's distress. "Can I help you clean that up?"

"No!" Vanessa screamed in near panic before catching herself. "I mean, no, it's not safe. You don't know what half this stuff is. It might be better if you wait in the living room or kitchen."

"Oh, kitchen?" Justice perked up as ideas began wrapping around her brain. "How about I get you a soda or something?"

"Sure, sure!" Vanessa said with some amusement. Luckily she took the gleam in Justice's eyes as typical hunger cravings. After all she had the unpleasantness of experiencing such things first hand. "Help yourself to anything in the fridge. I'll bring you out some medicine once I get this cleared away."

Justice could not leave fast enough, because her hips wedged into the door frame again. After quickly dislodging her excess pudge, she waddled on down into the kitchen. Much to her surprise, the fridge there was overflowing with pre-cooked foods. Take outs, pizzas, even the lions share of a roaster chicken piled atop each other. The poor trio living here sure liked to horde their leftovers. Almost all of it made Justice drool in stupefied glee. However she gave herself a quick smack, forcing her rumbling stomach to quiet down. She snatched a pair of soda cans and closed the door with her tail to prevent further temptation. Someone else was going to need all that real soon if things went right.

Humming a happy tune, she popped open each can and emptied their carbonate contents into cups by the sink. Once they had been properly discarded she produced the vial from her pouch. Justice's ears curled in faux horns just thinking about what such a small amount of liquid could do to humans. With a loud pop the stopper came off and its entire contents was poured into one of the soda cups. The soda's surface fizzed in a rush of carbonated bubbles, but showed no other signs of her 'Mickey.'  The vial joined its sister soda cans in the trash. Already visions of Vanessa as a roo girl, even fatter than herself, played through Justice's head. Eyes morphed into hearts imagining that rounded booty in panties being bouncing in her face. Its owner winked over a shoulder at her while patting invitingly on one cheek.

"Do you like these buns, Miss Justice?" she envisioned the lumbering anthro asking, to which Justice nodded vigorously.

"Oh yes, ma'am! I just want to eat them up!"

"What!?" a more startled voice knocked Justice back to reality, where an alarmed Vanessa was staring up at her. "You shouldn't eat so much, Miss. Justice. You're getting pretty big as is."

"S-sorry," Justice said, blushing. "The stress makes me kind of wonky sometimes."

"Well, luckily none of my depressants were on that table your tail fancied," she chided while handing Justice a medical bottle of pills.

"Thanks a bunch," Justice said as she stuffed the bottle into her pouch. She reached around to offer Vanessa a cup of soda in return. "Here's that drink I promised you."

"Well, you didn't actually buy me one." Vanessa smirked as she took the offered cup. It was very hard to keep a straight face watching her take several large gulps, but somehow Justice managed. "Now these are going to make you very drowsy, so I don't recommend taking them before trials or going out in public. Never take more than four a day, no matter how stressful it may be. If you experience cramps or diarrhoea..."

The typical medical jargon continued with professional earnest. Naturally Justice was not listening to a single word of it. Her eyes were scanning intently over every curve of Vanessa's well trimmed body. However the seconds ticked by showing no physical signs of the virus's manifesting. How long was an infection supposed to take? Did she even drink from the right cup?

"Hey are you listening to me?"

"Wha!?" Justice looked up with red all over her face, having realized she had been staring a smooch too long at the modest bust stretching Vanessa's shirt. "I'm sorry I kind of...dozed off there."

Vanessa sighed as she took another drink of soda. "Look, I'm sorry you're so stressed lately, but this is important stuff. A misuse of medication could-HICCUP!"

Both women jumped; Vanessa from the unexpected motor-reflex and Justice at seeing Vanessa's human ears pop into a new configuration. In that instant they had sprouted towards the sky, becoming long receivers tinted in blond fur. They were instantly recognizable for Justice. She saw those kinds of ears everyday looking into mirrors. Her excitement was impossible to hide now with tail thumping hard against the kitchen counter.

"I've never seen someone so happy to receive a prescription before." Vanessa laughed, failing to notice her ears twitching to catch sounds as she finished the soda. "HICCUP!"

"Oh, it's totally worth any price," Justice said with half her face consisting of a toothy smile. The blond fur washed down across Vanessa's frame in a wave, giving her a brief demi-human appearance. "Possibly even more than I bargained for."

"What do you mean by tha-HICCUP?" Vanessa's jaw surged forward to meet with her nose. "Oh my...HICCUP!" Her entire face stretched out further. The former human nose lifted up to become flush with the stubby muzzle, darkening into a black coloured tip. Vanessa finally took notice of her growing face, easily visible if she crossed her eyes. "What the-HIC! HIC! HIC!"

With each little jump Vanessa could witness her nose stretching a little further. Teeth cracked and tongue lengthened as she ran it over them, widening to accommodate an increase in space. It was not long until she had an impressive foot long snout. Now useless glasses dangled comically across it before finally slipping off to the floor. Vanessa did not really care about them for the moment though as her hands reached up to feel her face. And in doing so noticed the layer of fur on her hands...on her arms!

"Oh crap-HICCUP!"A loud rip accompanied Vanessa's outburst. Letting out a yelp, she twisted around to stare at the tail that had burst through her shorts. With each successive hiccup it gained more muscle mass, soon thudding against the kitchen floor covered in  fine blond fur. "I didn't think there was AF virus in that spill. HICCUP! I was very careful not to touch any of it! HICCUP!"

"What's that?" Justice asked without even putting on a façade of worry over such spontaneous transformations. Her eyes had literally turned into hearts at Vanessa sprouting a tail like hers. Its wide mass pushed down her purple heart patterned panties enough for a teasing view of her furred rump; more than anything Justice could have wished for.

"HICCUP!" Vanessa gasped when her shoes became painfully tight. She scrambled to undo their laces and only managed to get them knotted instead. "Its a-HICCUP-virus Taressa and I discovered that-HICCUP-well, you can see the results for yourself. I-HICCUP-no, not my shoes!"

Vanessa and Justice let out cries of anguish and joy respectively. The nurse's eighty dollar sneakers were no match for the four-toed paws ripping through them like paper. Socks wrapped tightly around meatball shaped toes, struggling a few seconds before shredding. They grew to almost two feet long, and then nearly toppled Vanessa over when a sudden cramp forced her heels to arch onto tiptoes. Another hiccup caused her thighs to thicken, stretching pant legs painfully taunt with incredible jumping power.

"Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!" Vanessa looked over herself in panic. Aside from a fuzzy moon peeking through ripped shorts and tattered socks clinging to her paws, she looked no different from any other anthro kangaroo. An increasingly violent gurgle in her stomach, however, made her panic. "I think that was AF virus. Dang it, I have to find an antidote before this gets worse!"

"Antidote?" Justice repeated with less enthusiasm. Of course such genius nurses would have figured out a counter after their first experience. Shame really, Vanessa was looking hotter by the second. She thought fast and cracked a grin. "Where would that be? I'll get it for you."

Vanessa held her belly as the gurgling caused ripples under her fur. After a few seconds of thinking her ears and tail sank in dismay. "It was...on the table with the samples."

Justice held back a triumphant laugh by only an ounce of willpower. Apparently that problem had solved itself. Now there would be no need for a contrived reason to stall. For Vanessa, it would have been too late anyway.

"Ooooohhh!" Vanessa gripped her stomach, which suddenly felt like she had downed two full meals. A feeling that turned all too real when said stomach began swelling against her hands. At first it was barely noticeable. But as Vanessa's shirt lost slack it slowly started rising up to reveal a growing pot-belly. Pants button only lasted a few seconds before it fired off with a sharp ping. Vanessa tried to pull her shirt down over to no avail. The bulge continued growing at increasing speed, forcing the pants zipper down with its pressure to reveal the hem of her panties. "Nnggh! L-looks like I was right. Uggggh! I-I hate this paaaart!"

Vanessa looked to Justice, whose eyes stared enthralled by Vanessa's pregnant looking stomach. Indeed, had one not known better, they would have mistaken her for carrying overdue triplets. Although the image of a faux pregnancy only lasted a few more spurts before a shift in Vanessa's hips caused their inward curve to reverse. Her hourglass shape quickly became lost under piles of accumulating love handles. The practicality of her shirt became less relevant while her pants lifespan rapidly approached its end.

"Yeeek!" Vanessa's butt jiggled before tripling in size and exploding out the back of her  ripped pants. Hands flew back to grope at the soft bum cheeks in shock.  Somehow the panties had survived, stretched snugly across to decorate the furry surface in purple hearts. A quivering in her hips made that problem quickly forgotten. She clamped down on either side of her thickening thighs, but ignored her pants legs tearing apart across them. The weight of her belly and sides were putting increasing pressure on her pelvis. And she could feel it starting to lose the resolve. "No! No! Stupid virus! I don't want to be..."

Vanessa gasped, and then squealed feeling the pressure finally give. Her hips spread several feet wide, with paws barely adjusting in time to keep balanced. What remained of her pants fell to the floor in shreds as her belly surged down to merge with her crotch. The rounded mass sloshed forward past roo paws in an apron until it nearly touched the ground, and then rushed around up to her tail base. Gluts bloated with so much of the sudden fat that they lost all definition, merging with the rest of her hips to become a large curved bulge. A sigh escaped Vanessa's as her hands squished at the plush mass of her pear shaped bottom. The wide load, wrapped in form fitting panties, was supported by legs easily as thick as tree trunks. Even her tail had grown to resemble a furry log jutting atop the crest of her rump.

"Dang it," she muttered. Hands absently explored the folds of a pouch poking above her exposed panty-line. A fluttering in her chest, however, caused them to shift up there. Vanessa had apparently changed modes from hyper-panic to begrudging-acceptance as she cupped growing breasts. The already shrunken shirt began stretching in whole new ways, exposing roo midriff while straining to contain what looked like bowling balls under its fabric. It put up a grand fight, but a loud pop of several threads caused Vanessa to jump. She released her grip on the impressive mammaries, letting gravities pull easily split their restraints clean in half.

Justice let out another happy squeal, clapping her hands as roo cleavage spilled out in the open. They were not as large as hers, but still plump and very inviting the way they bounced in that purple-heart bra supporting them. It actually looked to be stretching quite comfortably with their growth, which made Justice wonder if they shopped at the same outlet store.

Just as Vanessa thought to remove what was left of the shirt her body decided to save her some trouble. Loud tears filled the kitchen amidst a thickening torso. Sleeves shredded under arms swelling like summer sausages. The last change was impossible to see though; her neck beefing up considerably to support beginnings of a double chin. She looked back to Justice, who was decorating the ceiling with floating hearts watching the unintended show. One roo paw was even thumping the ground causing counter glasses to rattle. At least Vanessa's huge gut could not hold a candle to that crazy toon's. Granted a continuous cramp in her middle could easily change that if she did not focus on resisting its cravings. "I see you're enjoying the show."

"Huh?" Justice snapped out of her heart eyed daze. It was a bit of a kicker to hear Vanessa's otherwise normal voice coming from what she saw as one of the sexiest kangaroos ever. She leaned forward to teasingly pull on the strap holding Vanessa's bra cups together. Much to the nurse's alarm as her fuzzy mounds overflowed their confines. "Well there's not much I can do, unless you need help to take off the rest of your clothes?"

"Stop that!" Vanessa gave Justice's hand a smack, knocking it away. This caused the bra to snap back, sending her breasts in a jiggling frenzy that would impress Jell-O. Blushing, she clumsily adjusted the cups back into place feeling relieved yet sad Justice did not get a peek at her nips. The virus was already starting to affect her hormones, and her belly was not helping. At the rate Justice was unwittingly encouraging it... " you should leave now, Miss. Justice. This is hardly decent of me and I'll...bill you for the medicine once I cure my own little problem."

"Aw, what's the rush?" Justice waddled up to her fellow roo with a soft murr. Their bellies pressed tight together as she wrapped Vanessa in a hug. The feeling of such fur over soft flab was too intoxicating not to rub against. When she breathed into Vanessa's ear it sent a shiver down to her tailtip. "You don't have to worry about being decent in your own home with just us girls. Besides, you look better than ever."

Vanessa purred as she leaned on Justice's giant pillows of a chest. The compliment somehow felt good to her, but only for a moment. When she felt a pair of hands groping at her backside, it jolted her right back to reality with a yelp.

"N-no, that's fine. It's...uh...rude to walk around in skivvies in front of a guest. I'll just go change!" She quickly pushed away, though inadvertently groping Justices breasts.

"Wow, Vanessa! I didn't know you swung that way!" Justice grinned watching Vanessa dash out of the kitchen looking beat red. Actually it was more like a slow waddle due to her girth and inexperience with paws. This gave Justice plenty of time to reach down to give that gorgeous rump a smacking.

"Miss Justice, please!" Vanessa cried while glaring over her shoulder, though her raised ears and tail gave Justice signs of other possible feelings.

"Sorry, I saw a fly land on you," she said with her most innocent face.

"Just...just...please leave, Miss. Justice. You can keep the medicine for all I care!" With a huff, Vanessa stormed out of the kitchen. Or at least she tried before hips became wedged in the entrance frame.

"Fatty-fatty, two by four, can't get through the kitchen door!" Justice sang goofily at the amusing sight of a kaboose not hers wiggling to get free.

"You're one to talk!" Vanessa growled back, though it sounded more flirtatious than she intended. With a big heave she managed to pop free and hurried off. Justice considered following right behind her, but then wandering eyes drifted over to the fridge. Slowly wheels in her head began turning. And soon a devilish grin returned to her chubby muzzle.

It was amazing how gaining a few hundred pounds can drastically alter life. Routine tasks, like going to your room, upgraded to a chore of not causing collateral damage in a suddenly smaller space. This was not a first time for Vanessa, sadly, but she still found such transformations annoyingly inconvenient. Paws as huge as hers were obviously not meant for walking, but letting natural instinct take over proved worse. One hop sent a lamp and several pictures falling over just from the vibrations of her hindquarters hitting ground. Justice made it look so much easier.

Eventually Vanessa made it to her room for a second changing of clothes in one night. Immediately this was going to prove much more problematic.

"Come on, you stupid piece of..." Vanessa rolled onto her back, tugging at a pair of borrowed jogging pants from her room mate. She managed to slide each leg in, albeit stretching the fabric into a skin tight, but the elastic seemed at war with her hips. With a bit of tummy tucking though, the hem finally slipped into place. Of course that only lasted until she relaxed belly muscles to cry in triumph. Seams instantly split right down the middle, allowing panty-clad roo gut and butt to bulge out to their full glory once more. Vanessa sighed and jumped back onto her feet, knocking over a few more loose decorations from their wall hooks in the process. This drastic flexing of thigh muscles caused remaining pant legs to burst into useless pieces. Her ears and tail sank looking at the scraps of cloth scattered across the floor. "Taressa is so going to kill me for this."

Trying to forget about that problem for the moment, Vanessa's mind raced. That had been her closest option for pants. A few overly formal dresses could be found near the back of her wardrobe. They were big enough to cover her breasts, mostly, but quickly reduced to looking like fancy shirts when their hems only came down to her waist. As her mind struggled for some solution that left modesty intact, Vanessa's gaze drifted to the twelve foot long sunflower curtains of her window.

The idea was immediately considered ludicrous, but so was her general situation. Moving over to them in on hop, which shattered some glass figurines, the curtains were ripped down in two strong tugs. Taressa was REALLY going to kill her for this, but she had to parade in public as a fat kangaroo to shop for antidote ingredients. Least she could do is not try it in her skivvies. After a bit of creative folding, Vanessa stepped down to the main floor in an impressive makeshift muumuu. Long as no one looked close enough to see they ring holes it should work. It was just comforting to have something full covering. Even if it made Vanessa's backside look like a wrapped fruitcake.

She moved to grab her purse off a night stand by the door, but her nose twitched. Ears and tail perked up as her snout whirled towards the dinning room, inhaling deeply several times. Why did she smell pasta? Pie? Ham!? Not caring about the shaking her hops caused, Vanessa dashed into the next room. Her jaw dropped down to her belly at the buffet spread out on the dinner table to great her. Justice stood looking proud at its head, setting down a half eaten cheesecake before noticing her arrival.

"Are those curtains?" Justice chided, but did not get a response. Her friend's eyes looked slightly glazed over, perhaps due to the audible rumbling of her stomach. Giggling, she cut the cheesecake into quarters and took one over to Vanessa. "I'm starving so I thought we could have a little dinner before going out."

"Wait, no..." Vanessa tried to say, but her open mouth proved a good target for the large portion of baked dessert. She tried to choke it back, yet Justice was keeping the cake firmly embedded in her mouth. Trying to push the larger roo away earned as much success as last time. Her arms had grown far too thick, losing much of their reaching power. There was no real choice. Eyes grew watery as Vanessa managed a few chews before swallowing it whole. It landed in her stomach a second later with a resounding drum effect that made her middle bloat bigger under her dress. Squealing, she gripped at her sides as if they could be held back. "I-I can't eat like this, Miss Justice. The AF Virus will instantly convert it all into pure carbohydrates."

Vanessa looked back to Justice to further explain her problem, only to have a doughnut stuffed into her maw. Arms flailed helplessly in protest as Justice happily stuck one after another past her jaws. There was only seven leftover from the box, but still left Vanessa gagging. The meshed pastries had to be bitten and swallowed a tiny bite at a time. Her rear consequently bulged out behind her with each chunk, slowly lifting the hem of her 'dress' for a glimpse of equally growing thighs.

"Seriously, how can you girls be so wasteful with your food?" Justice said, pretending not to hear Vanessa's pleas. Hunger was starting to get the better of her as well. A chicken leg looked perfect for nibbling on without a care for how it made her breasts swell under puckering robe buttons. The majority of her attention focused more on feeding Vanessa three fudge pops at once. "You're fridge had enough unfinished leftovers to feed a shelter. I'm not letting that go to waste."

Vanessa's legs wobbled, forcing her to spread them further apart to accommodate her bellies intent on inching towards the ground. A sudden hiccup sent the popsicle sticks flying back out of her muzzle, but also making her own breasts balloon out another cup size or two. She tried to reach down to adjust her dress before falling victim to more panty shots. No such luck. Like the rest of Vanessa, her arms were growing fatter and increasingly shorter in comparison. They could not even reach down to feel her couch of a rump any more.

Having a gallon of chicken soup suddenly poured down the gullet rendered it a moot point. Vanessa was finding it harder to resist cravings the more she was force fed. The feeling of food rushing down her throat just felt too good. Like a bloating balloon, her dress gave a curtain style rise over a swelling physic, flashing purple hearts for the love-struck Justice. Their difference in size was becoming rather minuscule, despite Justice helping herself to a few treats.

Vanessa burped as she teetered between paws. Even with that entire intake sloshing around in her belly, there was still a feeling of hunger dulling her reason. However the resulting spurt from that motor reflex was making it increasingly difficult just to remain standing. "So full and heavy~!"

Vanessa hiccuped again, her dress shooting past the hem of her panties to resemble more of a shirt. Even with legs growing bigger with it, that proved to still become too much weight to carry. Knees wobbled for several seconds before finally buckling, landing Vanessa on her rear with a force that made the whole dinner table jump a foot in the air. This also had the misfortune of catching Justice off guard. The judge staggered from the vibrations before falling forward with a yelp. Luckily Vanessa's soft watermelons of a chest were there to break her faces fall.

"M-miss Justice, please stop this!" Vanessa blushed madly as she shifted her hips. No matter how hard she tried though, it was impossible to get her feet back under that huge a belly. "I...I can't even get up."

Music to Justices ears as she looked up between Vanessa's cleavage. Slowly the red roo crawled up the crest of Vanessa's stomach until their noses touched. Their marshmallow mammaries smished together, causing several buttons to pop off Justices robe to reveal her black and red striped bra underneath. The feeling of their fat rubbing together was surprisingly exciting with such soft fur. Vanessa turned a deep red as she tried to understand these mixed emotions.

"Why should I stop now?" Justice said with an evil sounding glee. "You're the reason I came here after all."

"W-w-whaaaat!?" Vanessa tried to roll away, but found her bum weighed firmly to the ground.

Justice giggled, though blushed as she traced a finger across Vanessa's amply furred bosom. "I guess I should confess that, stress aside, I really came over because I wanted to see you again. Although I have to admit, finding that AF virus to make you a fat, sexy roo again was a great bonus."

"YOU did this to me!?" Vanessa's found herself juggling between anger and embarrassment. However before she could give Justice a good piece of mind, she found her mouth muffled as their lips locked. Anger quickly turned to surprised alarm, particularly when Justice's tongue came into contact with her. Stubby arms flapped helplessly as they kissed, making it impossible to do anything until Justice broke the embrace moments later.

"Seeing you like this makes my dreams come true," Justice hugged against Vanessa's breasts, nuzzling into their deep cleavage amidst heavy purrs.

"" Vanessa's blush looked enough to fry an egg on her forehead as her mind spun for a response. Of course she was spared the trouble of having to do so when her belly let out a huge rumble. A second later her entire body began to swell up...and up. "EEEEEK!"

"Whoa!" Justice jumped slightly, but then felt her own stomach gurgle. She looked down in confusion just in them to watch her robe shoot up over bulging hips and belly. The rest of her was not far behind, pressing up firmly against Vanessa's gaining girth. "Oh wow, what's happening?"

"Y-your infected with AF now." Vanessa groaned as she was forced to lean forward into Justice. Her panty butt raised into the air before smishing against the wall as it grew. "High emotions can sometimes lead to extreme symptom reactions!"

Justice giggled, despite the fact their growth continued beyond any control. The girls combined mass knocked over the table to dirty dishes and began slowly edging it into a corner. Her judge's robe could not take the strain much longer, ripping and tearing to  show off her own underwear. It was not long until her rump began pressing against the opposite wall symmetrical to Vanessa's. "So you really do like me, eh?"

"What!? N-no...I mean, I...just not that kind of..." Vanessa cried out as her curtain dress met the same fate as Justice's robe; shredding across massive amounts of fat on her arms and breasts.

The girls were quickly reduced to their underwear as they rapidly filled up what empty space the dinning room could offer. All that remained of their 'dresses' were little strips of cloth hanging off the many folds of their blob-like frames. Arms were barely recognizable, swallowed by the mass of their sides and breasts. Paws were nowhere to be seen, buried under stomachs meshed together. By the time they stopped gaining, it was hard to tell where the two even separated in the soft fur pile. Their hides caused the very walls to creak in protest.

Vanessa groaned as she squirmed. "I...I can't move!"

"Neither can I!" Justice giggled. Their faces were only inches apart in the sea of fat flesh, making it easy to close in on Vanessa's lips. "It'll probably be a while before your friends come home to help us. We can still make the most of this situation, right?"

'No' would have been the immediate answer, had Justice not cut it off by wrapping muzzle lips over Vanessa's. Initially Vanessa went wild with muffled protests and stubby hand flapping. As if she could do anything in such a state of obesity. However shock slowly died into a growling moan as Vanessa found herself leaning into Justice's kissing. Their tongues collided between breaths like a mini-sword fight, her mind wanted more of it by the second. The fact they were locked in such a helpless position notwithstanding.

"Best kiss ever!" Justice's small cry reached what little sense of mind Vanessa had left.

And before that last bit of reason left her, Vanessa had to agree; Justice was a great kisser.
Vanessa was so looking forward to a quiet night at home. Unfortunitly a frisky anthro kangaroo patiuent has other plans for the unwitting nurse.

A story commissioned by :iconshineofrain:. I had some fun writing this one thanks to the characters provided. After all the TG, it felt good to do a little growth. Enjoy! x3

Sort of a squeal to two other stories of his:

Vanessa :iconshineofrain:
Justice :iconzero-cross:
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