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WARNING: Please keep all catgirls inside their kennels for the duration of the flight.

       It was not until they had left that Josh noticed the crate. How anyone had missed it over the course of the day was baffling. Sure it was only about two or three cubic feet, but it was also the only thing on an empty pallet. There was even more confusion to its lack of shipping information or serial numbers. Double checking today's order forms offered no clues either. All the stuff that was supposed to arrive had been accounted for. Josh himself had overseen a majority of those.

"Hey, Kenneth, any idea what this is from?" he called over to the little cubical that served as a security guards station.

After a bit of shuffling and some static from what he knew was a portable TV, Josh saw the head of a man emerge over the miniature wall. A face Josh had become familiar with, having shared company with his night guard for years. In fact, Kenneth had been working the museum rounds long before Josh even began his career path. Sure the man was getting on in years with a balding head of snow, but his towering height and still impressive physique still left him on the employment line.

"What are you talking about?" Kenneth said, before a finger directed him to the crate in question. An eyebrow rose at this as he finally emerged from his cubical to circle it. Josh knew he was looking for the same shipping marks he confirmed were lacking but chose not to speak out. Finally the guard turned to him giving his thinning hairline a scratch. "I don't know what to tell you, son. This certainly wasn't here when I made the rounds."

"Yeah, it was the same with me." Josh sighed as he put the order form back on its hook. Walking over to Kenneth, he motioned down to their mysterious cargo. "Can you give me a hand with it? I might as well take inventory of it before I head out."

The guard chuckled and knelled down. Together they hefted the crate up from both sides and began shuffling towards the door. "You know they won't pay you overtime for this."

"Oh please, they can barely afford me already."

They shared a laugh passing through double doors into the museum itself.  Not the most grand of antique displays, but for a small town to have anything of interest this far south of Los Angelus was noteworthy at least. A steady flow of tourists each summer made sure it stayed functional.

For now the place was even darker than the loading bay. All exhibit lights had been turned off hours ago, leaving only guiding streams across the floor to guide them. That was really all they needed to shuffle through the lobby to what Josh referred to as his 'vault.' While fairly true its nickname, the room was actually the workplace Josh spent ninety percent of his work time. Behind its fairly thick steal door were several tables decorated in tools designed for studying and cleaning the various knickknacks upon arrival. Naturally theirs was a trivial storage museum. All the good stuff that filtered through always ended up being shipped to more important places up north. That stuff was tucked neatly away inside the walk-in vault that made up most of the far wall.

Still, it was a job he worked at with gusto. Even if whatever was found turned out to be junk there was always a chance it would become as part of his privet collection. Also it was one of the few jobs that kept Josh fed while getting credit for his archeological training. After years of going nowhere after college, he longed for the day of finally being accepted into some field work. When that happens there would be no speed instrument able to measure his departure.

For now though, just the prospect of having some new trinkets to research kept his spirits high. Almost all the tables had been cleared of work, so the pair simply plopped their cargo onto the first one they could reach. Without even pausing for a breath Josh was dashing for the tool cabinet.

"You sure you don't want to wait until tomorrow for this?" Kenneth asked as Josh returned with a crowbar and hammer.

"Explorers don't become famous letting others make discoveries for them," Josh replied while wedging the flat part of the crowbar along the top panel of his crate. It took a few helpful whacks from his hammer to fully get it in there.

"Yeah, just like that stain glass bottle you called the Smithsonian over?" That got a rather angry glare from Josh, but only briefly before he resumed pushing against the nails keeping the crate sealed. Kenneth just snorted in amusement watching. "Need any help with that?"

"Nah, I'm good." Josh's face turned red, grunting from the strain. However the wood was gradually giving way. Eventually the nails stuck out enough for him to start pulling them out with the hooked end of his crowbar. "Let me know how CSI goes."

"Right. Right. Just let me know when your ready to leave." Kenneth exited with an amused shake of the head. If there was anything worthwhile to be found, there was going to be plenty time before that happened.

Left to his own devices, Josh was already getting antsy. Whoever decided to package this crate must have really believed in security. At least three dozen nails were used to bolt its lid shut. Most were not even half an inch apart. Only about half of which got removed before he grew too impatient. Mustering all the force scrawny arms can muster, he jabbed the crowbar under the loosened portion and gave it a good pull. Well this did not completely remove the lid, splitting off half of it was good enough. Either that was some weak wood or Josh was getting a better work out lifting this stuff than he thought. Setting aside what remained of the lid, his hands yanked aside the usual layer of protecting wrapping.

"Okay, let's see what we got here."

The first thing to great his peering brown eyes was a bunch of cloth. Not just any cloth, but silk soft and inviting to the touch. Slowly he pulled it out to discover the material to be weaved into a cloak. Its inside shined a light blue in stark contrast to its black exterior. Silver threads weaved in intricate patterns like stars on this dark surface. Underneath that he found what seemed to resemble a halter top of the same black and silver pattern. The neckline split down into a sharp V, decorated all along the hems by sparkling green shell stone. Fishnets were also sewed onto the sides as sleeves. But he could only guess they went about to the elbow in length. Underneath that, Josh was not as surprised to find a matching black thong with silver weaves excessively around the crotch area. It too had the same fishnets going down to about knee length.

"Just lovely!" Josh could feel his enthusiasm crying on its deathbed as he pulled out a pair of black leather gloves. Their length could easily make up for the remaining arm the fishnets failed to cover. Although he had to admit the shell stone really made them sparkle in what little light there was. Oddly enough he found no type of footwear to complete this out collection. "I could be home playing counter strike, and instead I choose to catalogue some whores S&M outfit."

Sighing, he looked into the crate and blinked. Having expected even skimpier, yet expensively made, garments left him a bit surprised at what was covered under them. Most of it was just the usual relics; a pair of human statues with cat heads carved from ivory. Some necklaces made from red and blue shell stone and a bunch more other jewelry looking to have some gold and silver mixed in. All of which would deffinitly be shipped to more esteemed museums if proven to be of any historic value. At least that would mean a good paycheck for him.

It was the book that really caught Josh's attention. It had not been intricately designed like everything else, but bound into some molded leather by strings. This rekindled his interest better than all the other contents combined. When it came to archeology it was usually the dirtiest stone that turned out to be a diamond. Quite literally, in fact, when he opened the cover and a chained diamond fell to his feet.

"Huh?" Josh set the book down to retrieve that unexpected find from the floor. The stone was fairly large, roughly the size of golf ball and tear cut. Truly its design showed as unimpressive as the book hiding it. But if it was a pure gem Josh could say good pay to half his student loan, especially if that was silver making up the chain. He rested the gem in one hand to feel its weight. A goofy grin started to make itself known just thinking of its possible value. "Looks like my luck is beginning to turn."

Josh moved to place his treasure back on the table so he could write down everything for examination in the morning. However the diamond refused to leave his palm. Eyes blinking, he shook the hand a few times only to find it unyielding to gravities effects.

Flipping it around to see what was going on turned confusion to outright panic. A startled cry escaped Josh as he saw the diamond was no longer clear, but pulsing a solid blue. And that was not as alarming as the fact it was sinking into his flesh. Sort of like watching it submerge into a bowl of pudding, only without pain. Josh tried to pull against its chain but made little ground. Even if he could only feel a strange throbbing, this was certainly not a good thing to let happen.

When the chain seemed to snap off the diamond of its own accord it also became apparent there was little say in the matter. Not that it stopped Josh from clawing at the last bit of diamond before it vanished under the skin. For several moments all he could do was just stare at the now empty appendage. The diamond was still inside him. All the lack of pain granted was unease at feeling it push muscle aside in a steady path up his arm and into his chest.

"W-what...the fuuuuuck!?"

Josh staggered before sinking down to his knees. A titan among migraines chose that moment to struck, sending coherent thoughts into a typhoon of chaos. Both hands instinctively clasped onto his forehead, doing little to help. Everything was starting to get fuzzy. He could feel himself slipping so tried to regain some refocus by recalling friends and family. The results were effective but not in the way intended. Memories were indeed recalled, only to consist of jungles and pyramids. Instead of family all he could remember were slaves. Many, many slave girls that filled up a spacious throne room, eagerly staring up in wait of his slightest whim. Yes, he was going to need lots of slaves to make up for such a long solitude. Hopefully these pathetic humans still knew how to cook a decent fish...

Josh had no time to even question his thoughts, too busy fighting a lost battle just to stay conscious. A sudden surge moved across his body and forced him onto the floor in convulsions. With the last remnants of his mind fading to black, he cried out in hopes the pain would end.

Back in the loading bay, Kenneth had just barely enough time to enjoy Lt. Caine's opening one-liner before hearing Josh's scream knocked him from the chair. Only a moment was needed to regain his footing before dashing off across the museum. A small sprint that left him breathless and wishing those trips to the gym had been a bit more frequent recently.

Bursting into the workroom was met with a bizarre sight. Josh stood with his back to Kenneth giving no reaction to the intrusion. A thick silence befell them as Kenneth's eyes drifted to the busted open crate and its removed contents. "Josh, are you alright? Didn't end up with a live scorpion in that box, did you?"

"Is that this body's name?" Josh said in a disturbingly distant tone of voice. As if he registered Kenneth's words but did not acknowledge their origins. If anything he seemed totally enthralled with his reflection from an antique mirror. It was only then Kenneth realized the vault door was swung wide open. A good portion of its contents were sprawled in a mess across its floor. "What an ugly body too. It figures my first chance at freedom was some lowly man. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. I'll just have to spend some time fixing it up."

"What the hell are you talking about, Josh?" Kenneth already had a hand withdrawing his side arm. The voice may have been the same, but that was not the casual tone of his long time friend. "And when did you get the combination to the vault!?"

Josh's ears twitched, bringing attention to something that made Kenneth gasped. The young man no longer had human ears. The sides of his head where they occupied had been rubbed smooth. Instead he now possessed two huge triangles piercing through his hair near the top of his scalp. They were very flexible ones too, able to twist around to focus hearing on the person behind him. A fine coat of red fur glistened in the light as they moved about. When Josh finally turned to face him, Kenneth got another shock that made him raise his gun. Gone were the brown eyes of a calm human; replaced with a glowing yellow scowling fiercely through slit pupils.

"What the fuck are you?"

Josh blinked at the statement with no visual regard towards the weapon. Eyes seemed to glow in the light as they bore into Kenneth's, drifting down across his form and then back up without a single blink. Slowly the angry glare curled into a smug grin.

"Such insolence already?" Josh crossed his arms while chuckling softly. "It feels like only yesterday I could have killed a pathetic human for less than that. But since I need worshipers, your recruitment will just have to make do as punishment."

"What are you...?"

That was all Kenneth got out before Josh waved an index finger at him. A sudden tingle washed over his body, making him gasp. It traveled all along his limbs and down his chest, focusing between his legs. Not a moment later his gun clatter to the floor as both hands shot to his crotch. The tingles intensified to a brief moment of pain, like someone had kicked his balls with a steal boot, only to quickly subside into pleasant warmth. He looked up at Josh, who only smiled all teeth in response. In a blind panic, Kenneth fumbled for the belt buckle of his pants. Eventually the waistband got loose enough to force a hand down under the cloth. Pressing hard against a moist stain in his boxers confirmed what he sadly could already feel; a vertical slit tucked inside a small mound of lips between his thighs.

"What in gods name...have you...done!?"

Kenneth drifted into a daze as he spoke to Josh in a voice that was no longer familiar. It was bumping up in octaves as he spoke, loosing its masculine touch that often intimidates trouble makers.

That was quickly forgotten when cramps seized up across his body. Every joint twitched and flexed of its own accord accompanied by a dull aching. The feeling recalled old days of long weight lifting sessions. Upon looking down, however, that was not proving to be the case. Quite the opposite in fact, as Kenneth's jaw dropped. His muscles were shrinking. With each little flex the proud bulges that served as a reminder of prime years past smoothed out under sweat matted skin. He tried to flex an arm and barely caused a ruffle under the sleeve.

Everything was starting to feel looser as seconds ticked by. Hands had to claps onto pants to keep them sliding off an extremely thinned waist, even has sleeves were devouring them up to the knuckle. It was not necessary for long. With a few pops both hip bones surged out to hold the pants up in a new way. Kenneth looked down; pulling his shirt up to stare at the slight inward curve his torso had developed. The slight bulge of fat slouching and age had wrought on his gut had cleared into a perfect abdomen; flat, hairless and smooth to the touch. They were curves that stirred up memories of his first wives much more developed figure. That thought was enough to fit the other pieces into place, making his heart run cold. Looking back to Josh only added to the horror as he needed to look up slightly for eye contact instead of the other way around.

"What the fuck is this, you bastard!?" He screamed again, only partially registering the feminine shrill to his voice. Most attention was drawn to long bangs draping across the top of his sight. Hands quickly dropped the shirt to grope at his head for confirmation. Hair grew like weeds between dainty fingers, coating bald skin with thick purple locks in mere moments. Years of hair growth continued to cascade down, tickling his softer backside. A good bunch draped across his chest as well. This brought momentary attention to how tender his nipples were getting as they pressed against his button-up shirt.

That was when he noticed his face. Hands drifted down to feel unfamiliar features. No traces of stumble remained on a thinned jaw line that was hardly pronounced. Cheeks were soft and raised high to make little dimples when he tried a smile. Even his nose had been reduced to a fraction of its sized and seemed a little more upturned. Considering the big honker he used to have though, that was not as high a priority as the lack of things between his legs.

"Just correcting your offensive existence," Josh said. His eyes literally glowed green now with another wave of a finger. "Normally I'd let my daughters off here, but you just have to keep opening your blasphemous mouth."

"Daughter? What are...AH!" Kenneth gasped for breath. Loud snaps accompanied down his spine causing hips reflexively thrust forward as it pushed into a deep S curve. This had the added effect of lifting his feminine rear into a more perky position. Right before it started to blow up like a balloon behind him. Kenneth's hips and thighs were not far behind, stretching the ill fitting pants taunt against an hourglass figure that far exceeded all three of his former wives.

"Oh god!" He squealed upon feeling a fluttering in his chest. It was hard to see at first, but he could certainly feel sore nipples being pressed tight against the fabric of his dress like shirt. Soon enough the material was slowly rising up against the points as little tents. Kenneth cried out again as the little cones seemed to fall against gravities pull to become soft mounds. His jaw dropped while groping them through the shirt, feeling an odd pleasure from their growth. They were actually pulsing in his grasp, gaining a bit more mass each time. It was not long before the flesh overwhelmed his smaller hands. Buttons spread pucker to expose a bit of cleavage from what Kenneth could only view as two overly ripe cantaloupes inflated swollen from his former pecs.

"That's so much better!" Josh's voice caused Kenneth to snap his gaze back up at him. "I guess I should do something about those garments to. How do you mortals make the most trivial things complicated?"

Not waiting or wanting an answer, Josh snapped his fingers that sent another tingling wave across Kenneth's body. This time making the shadow of a man feel like ants crawled along his incredibly sensitive skin. Of course that was not the case, but it was just as equally disturbing to watch clothes move under a mind of their own.

The shirt sleeves rapidly crawled up his arms; showing off more of the smooth, hairless skin until they only reached about halfway over each bicep. His shirt itself became noticeably looser. At least enough to better encase his new mammeries. Kenneth became really embarrassed when the hem started shrinking. Despite his efforts to hold it down, the material simply vanished into itself until the entire curve of his midriff was on display.

Invisible hands gripped his belt buckle next. To say watching such a thing fasten itself was more than disturbing, especially now that it fit perfectly across his waist. The change in footwear was hardly noticeable. They simply shrunk down to a fraction of their size to accommodate such elegant feet. The pants, on the other hand, almost made him trip over when the legs started to fuse together. Kenneth embarrassment only grew at their change from pants into one solid mass that openly wrapped around her legs instead of covering them. The hem was rapidly lifted up right after; first exposing her ankles, then shins, before finally stopping halfway up her thunder thighs as a mini-skirt.

He did not even want to THINK about the pink panties that peaked out from underneath if hips so much as moved the wrong way. What police force would ever make this a passable uniform?

"Not bad at all!" Josh chuckled maliciously as he approached. Kenneth started to shrink away but then the mirror was held up and what he saw reflected back stopped her feet cold.

The girl being reflected back was beautiful; somewhere in her mid-twenties and easily passable for late teens. Breasts, large and bouncing, jutted forth from her chest while pulling the form fitting police shirt taunt around their mass. Little bumps at their top hinted at a lack of a bra, but Kenneth could easily tell they were of a larger cup size than all his past wives combined. The same could be said for his backside pressing out in a heart shape against the skirt, leading down to a pair of legs he only saw on models.

It was all too much and only getting worse as she looked on in the mirror. Before her eyes human ears twitched of their own accord before starting to be pulled upwards by an unseen force. The skin narrowed upwards, receding lobes with it to form triangle like points. Then the ears themselves were slowly pulled upwards through the thick mesh of hair. A fine coat of fur spread across the twitch forms matching in hair color as they came to a rest almost perfect atop Kenneth's head. A sudden pressure above her rump made her grunt with a little hip wiggle. Turning to look over her shoulder, the blush only got redder as she saw a tail slink its way out from under her skirt. It grew out rapidly to several feet long, developing a bushy thick coat of the purple fur while brushing lazily between her shins.

Feelings from a new appendage barely registered before Kenneth felt something press against one of her feline ears. It moved back and forth gently, but firmly, against the fine fur sending waves of untold pleasure across her being. A soft moan escaped her lips that faded into a deep rumbling in her throat. She found herself instinctively leaning into this pleasuring force. Her hands reached up to kneed her wonderfully soft breasts. Sudden desire was causing her to try anything to increase the pleasure calming her chaotic mind. Her tail slowly curled upwards, lifting the back of her skirt to expose the panty clad butt underneath. Yet this was not bothersome in the least.

This continued for what felt like an eternity before Josh slowly ceased his ear scratches. He brought the hand down to cup Kenneth's chin and gently lift it so they were staring eye to eye.

"There now, isn't that so much better my child?"

The new cat girl blinked rapidly. Golden eyes around slit pupils pierced through the dim rooms light easily to take in Josh's face. Her vacant blank stare only remained for a moment though, as she blinked a final time and broke out into a wide smile. Without warning she meowed in excitement and wrapped her arms around Josh in a tight hug.

"Oh, thank you! Thank you, mother!" she cried out in girlish glee. "The energy of your love is almost overwhelming. I've never felt so alive."

Josh's body let her hug for a few moments more before giving a disgruntled cough. That was the only signal needed to make his new admirer back of several feet. Without a word she stood at attention with arms folded behind her. Eager eyes stared intently at his every move. The sight along elicited a smirk across Josh's features. It was so wonderful to have that feeling of dominance again after all this time.

"You're quite welcome, but you are just the beginning, silly. Now my time is short, sadly, so I'd like to ask you a few questions about our current world before I take a rest." Josh's smirk deepened, eyes narrowing in malicious joy. "There is much to prepare for my return."
Huh, thought I already put this here. First part to a VERY long story commission from :icondeiser:. Who, I might add, has been very gracious with how long I've taken to do this.

His premise was simple, but fun to work with: poor victim unleashes ancient evil upon the world, and then mass TG ensues. Enjoy! More to come soon.
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Thank you! The world would be a much better place if it did...least I'd think so. XD
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Wow. Now, that is a story-starter! I love it, especially how you get so detailed with your work. It really helps as a reader, makes the story seem so real that one can practically see it happening in their mind's eye. I can definitely say that I look forward to reading more of this (as I look forward to doing with all your stories) in the future :D.
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Quick question, Cait: How do you typically do story commissions? Because I'm thinking of starting them up myself to get some money...
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Meep! Apologies for not getting back to you on this. Still trying to work out something cheap but not too much so for myself. Mostly I'm trying to find a good rate to charge by word. $5 as a start up fee and then 1/3 a cent per word to be precise.

Don't really like the idea of charging per page, as a lot of people have varied opinions of what constitutes as such. XD
leviadragon99 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2010
Interesting... wonder when (I assume it's some varient or interpretation of Bastet) decides to renovate her own form...
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